About Us


Unlocking Your Engine’s Full Potential

We are experienced Remapping specialists, offering ECU Tuning and Engine Carbon Cleaning.

Based near Taunton and now in our 4th year we cover all of Somerset with our mobile service, providing a safe, affordable way to improve vehicle performance and increase MPG. The gain figures we quote are realistic and maps are designed to not compromise reliability and our engine carbon cleaning system gives incredible results time and time again.

We use the latest genuine pro Tuning interfaces from Alientech, Dimsport and Tactrix as well as a selection of dealer level Diagnostic tools. Our maps are ALL written in real time remotely by technicians at Avon Tuning and come with a lifetime software warranty. Unlike many other remap files our maps are custom written by experts based on the original file from each vehicle, the tolerances of the standard engine equipment is taken into account to ensure you get a tuned map perfect for your vehicle, and nothing less.

We pride ourselves on supplying a product and service which is a cut above the rest and and with over 260 reviews and a 5 star overall rating, if you want the very best for your vehicle – you don’t need to look any further.