Engine Carbon Cleaning

Full Engine Carbon Clean Service

We’re well known for bringing you the highest quality remapping software available, so you can be assured that our choice of carbon cleaning system has not been taken lightly.

We invested in our state of the art mobile unit back in April 2017 and we have not looked back amazing customers with the results time and time again. We offer great value engine cleans, both as part of a remap package and as a stand alone service.

We want our customers to get the maximum benefit from a remap and the results can be effected by dirty components and poor fuel delivery. Our Carbon Cleaning system ensures your engine is running at maximum power and efficiency prior to tuning. This service can also be used to solve a number of running issues, whether your car is remapped, or not….

Unlike the basic hydrogen based engine carbon cleaning services you may have seen advertised, ours offers far more – with a number of separate solutions for Petrol and Diesel engines which can successfully clean:

  • Injectors
  • Intake valves (direct fuel injection)
  • DPF’s
  • Egr valves
  • Swirl flaps
  • Turbos

The process can also help with:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Rough running or loss of power
  • Black smoke
  • High emissions
  • and more

Many people are now getting a carbon clean done at regular intervals to help avoid the above issues and to keep their pride and joy in tip top condition as well as when their vehicle has failed an MOT on the new stricter smoke test.. you should book yours in today!