Been told you need to visit a Garage for your Remap? New equipment means we can now come to you!

Did you know that a small percentage of vehicles cannot be Remapped via the OBD port found in the dashboard? This is sometimes due to the port being faulty but more often because the ECU is “locked” or “tune protected” by the manufacturer.

We have always had a solution for those customers who find themselves in this position, but it involved them having to make a trip to the workshop in Bristol where the ECU would be connected to and Tuned directly via a process called BDM, this of course doesn’t suit everyone so in order to save our clients time, effort and money we have invested in some new hardware. This will enable us to offer BDM Tuning as part of our Mobile service across the region. Our K-TAG interface and mobile bench tuning equipment can be used to Remap and open locked or tune protected ECU’s with the same precision and impressive results delivered from the workshop.

If you have been told that your vehicle cannot be remapped unless you physically visit a Garage or send your ECU off in the post please get in touch, as chances are we can now bring the workshop to you!