Remapping a car that’s still under Warranty, what’s the deal?

We Remap a lot of vehicles that are less than 5 years old and are therefore still under the manufactures warranty. Owners of these vehicles often ask will a Remap invalidate any future claim for work to be carried out?

As a Remap is a modification the answer is technically “yes”, however the good news is that we offer a solution to put minds at ease.

When Remapping we take a copy of the original map found in each vehicle’s ECU, this file is encrypted and saved on our system. Should the need for warranty based work ever arise we can simply revert the vehicle back to standard before the main dealer get their hands on it. It’s as easy as that, so there really is no need to wait, get your Remap booked in now and start to enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance and MPG sooner rather than later!